About Chiropractor2Web

Chiropractors spend an average of $11,000/year on their marketing efforts, according to Chiropractic Economics Magazine. For many practices, the Yellow Pages eats up most of that budget.

There is a better way to spend your marketing dollars. And a better way to build trusted relationships with your current and future customers.

I’ve been helping chiropractors find a much better way to reach customers. I started out by helping some of of my friends who are chiropractors. Then I began helping others. I found that if a practice embraces the Internet as a way to reach customers, the results are measurable, and provide much greater returns.

Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest part for many small business owners. That’s why I’m providing the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme open-source, free of charge. This theme is based on the experiences I’ve gained helping practices get great results from the Internet. I hope that it helps at least a few practices get started on the Internet, or evolve what they already have into something that gets results.

Here is the story of how I discovered chiropractic care, and how a few great doctors have helped me tremendously. I’m a big believer in chiropractic care, and enjoy working with practitioners in the field. I hope you’ll say hello so I can get to know you as well!

About The Publisher

Don Campbell is the publisher of Expand2Web, a website devoted to helping small business owners like Chiropractors build Wordpress powered websites, and get a steady stream of new customers from Google and Yahoo. In his leisure time Don enjoys learning to play Jazz piano, skiing, and wake boarding. He lives with his wife and two daughters in the San Jose, California where they enjoy traveling and exploring the Redwoods and the Pacific ocean beaches.

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