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December 10, 2008 · Print This Article

When you install the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme, you will have five items on the navigation menu by default:

  • Home – this is your home page that shows up first when somebody visits your website. You can edit the content of this page in the Chiropractor2Web Options panel in WordPress.
  • About – this is a default page that WordPress adds to all new websites. You’ll want to either delete this page or change it. I usually change the title to “Meet The Doctor” and change the text to an introduction to the doctor(s) at the office, including a picture.
  • Contact – This is a contact form that visitors can use to send you a message. The message will go to the email address you put in the Chiropractor2Web Options panel.
  • Find Us – This is the map and directions page of your site. It also includes business hours. See this tutorial to add your own map for your business.
  • Blog – This takes you to a page that lists all of the articles that you write on your website. You can remove this menu item (described below) if you do not plan to publish articles.

In addition to changing these menu items, you can easily add new items to your navigation menu. Any time you publish a new “Page” in WordPress, it will automatically be added to this menu. To publish a new page, log into WordPress, and go to the Write menu and select Page.

Whatever you put for the Title of this page will show up in the navigation menu of your site.

If you want to exclude certain pages from showing up in the navigation menu, you can do that from the Chiropractor2Web Options panel.

This is a list of all the Pages that you’ve published. You can select multiple pages to omit by holding down the shift key as you select each one.

Something we haven’t talked about yet is the difference between Pages and Posts in WordPress. Since WordPress is a platform for blogging, it gives you the ability to quickly and frequently publish content to your site.

WordPress Posts

When you write a blog entry, this is called a Post. Most blogs list the posts in reverse chronological order on the home page of the site, so that the latest ones are listed first.

In this theme, we’ve changed that so the home page is a static page that represents your business instead of a list of articles. We provide the “Blog” page in case you also want to publish articles for your visitors and patients.

WordPress Pages

In WordPress, Pages are for information that is more timeless, that you always want to display prominently on your site. In our case, examples of pages include the “Contact” form, the “Find Us” page or the “Meet the Doctor” page.

I suggest that you change the title of the “Blog” page to “Articles” and use that as an area to publish short and informative articles for your patients and visitors. You can include snippets from newsletters you may have published, or any advice or tips you are willing to share.

See the Chiropractor2Web demo for an example of a customized menu, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


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