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December 8, 2008 · Print This Article

The Chiropractor2Web WordPress Theme is “widget enabled”, meaning that it supports WordPress widgets. Widgets can be easily added to the sidebar to add all kinds of functionality to your website.

We provide an example with the out of the box theme, and you’ll want to change it when you set it up for your practice.

To add a widget to your site, simply log into WordPress and go to the Design panel. From here, you’ll want to select the Widgets menu.

On the left of this screen you will see a whole list of Widgets available for you to add to your sidebar. You can add a calendar, links, recent posts, recent comments and many others. If you look to the right of this screen, you’ll see that there is already one widget added to the sidebar, titled “Text: Call Us Today!”

Let’s go and edit that Widget to say something about your business instead of something generic. Right now there is an image that you may want to either delete or replace with a link to your own image. And you’ll want to change the phone number and the other text in this widget. When you’re done click the “Change” button, and then “Save Changes.” The Widget on your site is now updated.

You can put any message you want in here and change it any time!

p.s. If you don’t want any widgets on your site you can click “Remove” and “Save Changes” to remove it.


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