We are no longer offering the free Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme download. We’ve enjoyed sharing this theme for over 2 years but we are now focusing our efforts on our commercial theme – the SmallBiz WordPress Theme.

The SmallBiz WordPress Theme

SmallBiz WordPress Theme ThumbnailBy focusing on a commercial theme we can afford to invest real development dollars into a theme that truly rocks, and provides a high-ranking web presence. The SmallBiz theme provides a website, blog, Facebook Page management and touch-enabled mobile landing page for any small business. You can literally build a powerful web presence in minutes using this theme.
Check out some of our customer testimonials, or watch a video of the theme in action.

Website Examples

Here are a few example sites using the SmallBiz WordPress Theme:
Santa Monica Chiropractor – Dr. Luke Cohen
Wall Township Chiropractor – Dr. Veera Gupta
San Jose Optometrist – Dr. Keith Chow
The Best Chiropractors in North America

See the SmallBiz Website Gallery for more website examples.

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