Latest Healing Breakthrough Over 4,000 Years Old!

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The Egyptians used advanced healing techniques over 4,000 years ago to conquer disease without drugs or surgery. Over time, their secrets to long life and good health were lost and forgotten until…

In 1895, a man untrained in medicine, quite by accident rediscovered the wisdom that had been lost in the sands of the desert half a world away. He cured a janitor of deafness by pressing on his spine! At first, it was unclear how this could happen, but…

Scientists knew that the spine sends messages to every cell in our body over a system of nerves. Through endless research they discovered the secret to abundant health that had been lost for thousands of years. Proper spinal alignment takes pressure off the nerves that keep us healthy, and…

While much remains to be discovered about the body and what we can do to be healthy, there is a way to wellness that is becoming more popular daily. People are rediscovering natural ways to activate the bodies amazing inner systems of repair. They are healing themselves without drugs or surgery. Click on for more information about how you may qualify for care at a center based on these time honored principles.

Scientific research has shown that the nervous system controls the 11 trillion cells that make up our bodies. Much like a computer network the brain sends information over nerves to tell our organs how to maintain themselves. The nervous system is an information network. It sends micro currents of electricity over the nerves that keep us healthy.

The doctor that cured the deaf janitor over 100 years ago started a revolution in humanities will to be well. He showed the world that we could heal ourselves of serious illness. The real secret to good life and health could be found by studying the relationship between the spine and the life giving nervous system.

The ancients understood good spinal alignment is the key to good health. This is the basis of modern day chiropractic. The Egyptians did not know about the intricacies of the nervous system, but they were getting patients well from terrible diseases thousands of years ago because spinal alignment removes pressure from the nervous system. When the body is in good alignment, messages flow freely over tiny nerves and allow sick cells to be replaced by healthy ones. We heal ourselves best, when there is a free flow of nerve energy from the brain to the various tissues that make up our bodies. Straight spines allow nerves to function normally and keep us healthy.

By: Dr. Visentin, D.C.
Chiropractor in Denver, Colorado


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  1. Sacramento Chiropractor on January 15th, 2010 8:29 am

    Dr. V is the best! If you are in the Denver area, he’s the chiropractor to see!

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