Obama’s Letter To Chiropractors

November 2, 2008 · Print This Article

I recently ran across a couple of letters to the chiropractic community from Barack Obama. I believe they are authentic, since they are linked to from reputable sites like Planet Chiropractic and the American Chiropractic Association. The letters are very favorable to chiropractors, with Obama saying that he considers chiropractic care as “preventative” and in line with the philosophy of his health plan for America.

Here is a direct quote from the letter:

My health plan also prioritizes preventive care, and chiropractors play a significant role in this effort. As we shift our health care delivery system towards a culture of wellness and disease prevention, I believe that chiropractors must play an integral role in expanding access to preventive care and strengthening our public health system.

There is also a letter from Senator John McCain on the ACA website (see link above) that endorses chiropractic care, even if to a lesser extent than Obama does. It seems that chiropractic care will take a larger role in Medicare under both candidates health plans.

This looks like good news for the Chiropractic community, particularly if Obama is our next president.

Thanks to @Chiropractic for pointing these out!


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