In this section you can find tutorial videos and detailed explanations for every aspect of using the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme.

The tutorials are broken up into chunks to help you find the information you need in the order you need it. Please read through the list of tutorial sections below and select where you want to start.

  1. What you need to use Chiropractor2Web – This is the best place to start if you’ve just downloaded the theme.
  2. WordPress Installation basics – setting up your hosting account and installing WordPress in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Installing the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme – Step by step installation of the theme.
  4. Chiropractor2Web Overview – An overview of the Chiropractor2Web theme features and capabilities.
  5. Using WordPress – Video tutorials showing how to do things in WordPress like publish content, photos, videos and more.
  6. More Tutorials – More tutorials for customizing your new WordPress website based on the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme.

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