Installing the Chiropractor2Web WordPress Theme

To learn how to install the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme, watch the video below and then read the instructions under it to review the steps.

Note: this video assumes you already have WordPress installed and running. If you need instructions on how to install WordPress, go to the WordPress Installation Basics video.

Update: WordPress 2.8 provides a much easier way to upload and activate themes. You no longer need FTP to upload the theme to your hosting provider. The following video shows you how to install the Chiropractor2Web theme using this new method:

Note: If you are using the latest version of WordPress (2.8), you won’t need the video below. I’m leaving the following video here to show you the old way of installing the Chiropractor2Web theme using FTP in case you are using an older version of WordPress:

In this video I’ll show you how to download and use an FTP client to copy the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme files from you computer to your web hosting server, and put them in the right place within WordPress so that you can activate the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme.

To install the Chiropractor2Web WordPress theme:

  1. Unzip the download file you received from me – it is called Once unzipped you will have a folder on your computer called “chiro”
  2. Using an FTP client program like FileZilla or Cyberduck, locate the “themes” folder of your WordPress installation. It will be located inside the “wp-content’ folder, which is inside your blog installation folder.
  3. Upload the “chiro” folder into the themes folder.
  4. In your WordPress Admin, go to Appearance and select the Chiropractor2Web theme. If it is not there, you may have uploaded the “chiro” folder to the wrong place. Go back and double-check.
  5. Click on the “Activate Chiropractor2Web” link in the upper right corner of the preview screen.
  6. Important: Click on the Chiropractor2Web Options panel – this is required for it to create the initial pages of your site!
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