Upgrading Your Chiropractor2Web Theme to v1.1

March 27, 2009 · Print This Article

If you’ve already installed the Chiropractor2Web WordPress Theme, and want some of the new v1.1 goodness, here are the instructions for upgrading your current installation.

Step-by-Step upgrade instructions

  1. Download the v1.1 upgrade files here: Chiropractor2Web v1.1 Upgrade
  2. Unzip the download to a location of choice on your local computer
  3. You should see 4 Files (header.php, footer.php, findeus_page.php and functions.php)
  4. FTP into your current installation of the Chiro Wordpress Theme

    FileZilla FTP Client is a good free one: Download FileZilla

  5. Navigate to the “themes” folder located inside the “wp-content“
  6. Locate and open the “chiro” Folder
  7. Backup your current header.php, footer.php, findeus_page.php and functions.php by adding .bak to the end of the file name. (Example header.php.bak)


  8. Drag and Drop the new header.php, footer.php, findeus_page.php and functions.php Files into the Folder.

    The next steps are optional allowing for better display of Street, City and Zip of your Business:

  9. Log-in to your Wordpress Theme Admin Panel
  10. Click the “Chiropractor2Web Options” found under “Appearance” tab
  11. Update your Street, City, Zip – which is now available in 2 separate fields.


How verify that the upgrade worked

  • Log in to your Wordpress Admin outlined in step 9-10 above and look for the new “City-State-Zip” option as well as a new “Feature Page 3” option found in the Chiropractor2Web Options panel.


  • Also in the Chiropractor2Web Options panel, note the Google Maps iFrame section replaces the image upload for your map. Now you can insert a dynamic Google map from http://maps.google.com. Just get the code snippet from Google Maps and insert it here to add a dynamic map to your site.
  • Looking at the page source of your website, you should see:


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